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The WEX Card is the most popular fleet card on the market today- used by more than 4 million commercial and government fleet drivers for payment.

With more than two decades of experience as the contracted acquisition team for WEX – Compass Fleet works hand in hand with Government & Commercial fleets that carry WEX as their only form of payment maintenance and repair facilities to keep their vehicles on the road!

We know how to make accepting fleet cards a winning proposition for your business. Our goal is to drive fleet business to your site while saving you time and money through our stellar customer service and association rates on all forms of payment.

WEX accepting vendors enjoy paying cost on all POS equipment and supplies. Association rates start at just .20 basis pts over interchange. High volume merchants are eligible for even lower volume discount rates on approval.

Ready to start making and saving more money?:

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Within 24 hours you will receive a WEX application and supporting documents. Please complete all documents that require a signature and email to or fax to:888-269-8760.

We will contact you by email or phone to complete the application process.

*If you have a fleet vehicle waiting for maintenance or repair don’t refuse the work. You can contact our help desk for authorization and key in the transaction when set up is complete.

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