Interchange Pass-Through

Interchange Pass-Through Pricing

Interchange Pass-Through:

The actual cost set by issuing banks and card associations to process a credit/debit transaction Plus .20/basis points and $0.10/per authorization to process the transaction, monitor for fraud, and maintain your account.

*High volume accounts eligible for volume discounts lower authorization fees or bundled pricing.

Account Fee

Monthly account fee of $10.00 (charged by funding bank similar to a checking account fee)


Annual PCI Compliance* (Mandatory per VISA/MasterCard)

Annual fee of $89.00 charged the first week of April (if the merchant is
not already PCI compliant through another source)

Annual Certification Is Required


Monthly Minimum

A minimum of $25.00 is charged only if the merchant does not process $25.00 in monthly fees – all transaction fees and any credit card activity is subtracted.


Our third-party PCI service provider offers up to $100,000 in breach protection insurance


Compass Fleet guarantees a lifetime meet or beat your current pricing over Interchange.



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