Equipment Pricing

Manufacturer/BrandEquipmentPrice New ($USD)Price Refurbished ($USD - if applicable)
TetraDesk 3500 (Dual Comm, EMV, Contactless)$145n/a
Desk 3500 Wifi (Tri Comm, EMV, Contactless)$224n/a
Desk 5000 (Dual Comm, EMV, Contactless)$287n/a
Desk 5000 WiFI (Tri Comm, EMV, Contactless)$330n/a
iPP315 PIN pad (Contactless)$117n/a
Move 5000 4G Wireless Unit$460n/a
Move Docking Station - All Comm, Bluetooth, Ethernet$140n/a
VerifoneVx520 Dual Comm EMV Contactless$121$85
Vx680 3G GRPS - Terminal only$335 n/a
Vx680 Docking Station$241n/a
Vx805 Contactless PIN pad - (EMV, Contactless)$140n/a
Vx820 Contactless PIN pad (EMV, Contactless)$140$85
DejaVooZ11 Terminal (Tri Comm - incl Wifi, EMV, Contactless)$218n/a
Z6 PINpad (EMV, Contactless)$185n/a
Z9 Terminal 4G GPRS (4G, WiFi, EMV, Contactless)$353n/a
Z9 Docking Station$89n/a
PAXA920 (WiFi only, EMV, Contactless)$368n/a
A920 Docking Station - Charge Only$89n/a
A920 Docking Station - Communication$122n/a
A80 (WiFi Only, EMV, Contactless)$230n/a
s300 PIN pad$190n/a
SwipeSimpleSwift B200$60n/a
Swift B250$83n/a
Swift B250 Stand $30n/a
Star SM-L200 Bluetooth Printer$326n/a
ISV Device MgrSBOM iPP320.U.VT01 - Includes iPP320, download, encryption, cable and power supply$250n/a
SBOM ISC250.U.VT01 - Includes iSC250, download, encryption, cable and power supply$466n/a
iPP320 PIN pad - V3 (EMV, Contactless) (for use with ISV only) - does not includes cables, see below$196n/a
iSC250 - V3 (EMV, Contactless) - does not include cables, see below$420n/a
4.5M USB Cable [p/n: CAB 35898)(iPP320 and iSC250)$17n/a
Power Supply - iPP320 (p/n: 179901469)$15n/a
Power Supply - iSC250 (p/n: 192011597)$15n/a
MagTekMICR reader - includes config check and cables$174$90
iDynamo - Keyboard Emulation, FAPS P2PE key$89$50
uDynamo - Keyboard Emulation, FAPS P2PE key$99$60
Dynamag - FAPS P2PE key$73n/a
Dynamag - No P2PE key$48n/a
1stPayPOS ProPackage #1 - 10" - 1stPayPOS Pro Register 10", printer (thermal), iPP320 PIN pad, cash drawer and cables$1,330n/a
Package #2 - 15" - 1stPayPOS Pro Register All-in-one, printer (thermal), iPP320 PIN pad, cash drawer$1,557n/a
Package #3 - All-in-one - 1stPayPOS Pro Register All-in-one, printer (thermal), iPP320 PIN pad, cash drawer$1,597n/a
1stPayPOS Pro 15" Register - includes tablet, stand and cables$1,020n/a
1stPayPOS Pro 10" Register - includes tablet, stand and cables$793n/a
1stPayPOS Pro All-in-one Register - all-in-one tablet, cash drawer, bar code reader, printer$1,353$850
Thermal Printer - Epson T20 printer, includes a Y-Cable$165n/a
Ingenico iPP320 PIN pad, includes cable and configuration$244n/a
Cash Drawer - includes reinforced packaging and cable$128n/a
Barcode Scanner - Zebra LS2208 USB connectivity$122n/a
Kitchen Printer - Star 742 Dot Matrix Printer, includes one WiFi adapter$289n/a
Line Buster Tablet - Insignia 10.1 Tablet$100n/a
Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7Ci, includes docking station$244n/a
Wifi Adapter - TP Link$29n/a
1stPay Mobile (EMV)Moby 3000 (Bluetooth only)$36n/a
RP457BT (Bluetooth only)$75n/a
RP457C (Audio, Bluetooth)$79n/a
RP457 Cradle (Charging Stand, BT/USB (Black)$34n/a
RP75X (Bluetooth, PIN)$144n/a
ID TechID Tech SecurMag - No P2PE key$62n/a
ID Tech Unimag - FAPS P2PE key$35n/a
MiscellaneousNBS Imprinter kit - includes imprinter, slips, plate$15n/a
Sales slips (100/pack)$4n/a