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August 2, 2017

Dear valued vendor,


After a long wait we are first to offer both EMV-Sha-2 and WEX on a Verifone VX520.  This is a two-step process.


Step 1.  Follow the following download instructions to the letter.  If you have any problems or need assistance contact our 24-hour help desk (800-789-8897) for support and ask specifically for the EMV/Sha 2 download.

This is a MANDATORY SECURITY DOWNLOAD and effect all processors and processing banks.  Any terminal not downloaded by the cut-off date of September 30, 2017 will not process credit cards.

  • Start a full download.
    1. Press F2 and F4 at the same time.
    2. Password should be 1, alpha alpha, 66831.
    3. Press 2 for download.
    4. Group ID should already show 1, press enter. Same password.
    5. Press 2 for multi-app.
    6. Press 1 for full.
    7. If the options are change choices or continue, press 2 for continue. If it says clear app from group x, press 1 for yes as many times as is needed (usually 4 times).
    8. Ask if dial or ethernet.

If dial:

  1. Press 1 for modem
  2. If terminal asks for any information, provide it now, if not press 1 for edit.
  • After pressing edit, select multi-app again.
  1. *ZP should be 18554868157
  2. *ZT should be the build number
  3. Block size press 1 for 1000.
  • Repeat from step c but select start instead of edit after step i.

If Ethernet:


  1. Press the far left purple key under the big down arrow.
  2. Press 3 for TCP/IP.
  • Press enter for download.
  1. Press enter for default interface. *
  2. Press enter for download.
  3. If it already has something for the url, press the purple key on the right under edit.
  • Press enter for URL string.
  • Input DL.FAPS.NET. Use the alpha method. Press enter when done.
  1. For port, press the purple key on the right under edit.
  2. Input 8014. Press enter when done.
  3. Block size should be 1000 or empty. Press enter if good or edit if needed.
  • Heap size should be 4096 or empty. Press enter if good or edit if needed.
  • For terminal ID, press the purple key on the right under edit. Input the build number.
  • At application name, press enter 6 times. Refresh the build number in Vericenter to see if it connected.

We are still waiting on Chase Paymentech to provide all “additional TID’s” for the WEX entitlement.  We are receiving a slow trickle of 15 TID’s a day. If yours hasn’t been completed we can make a special request if you have a WEX payment that needs to be processed asap.

If WEX acceptance is an integral part of your business-you can choose to wait until your WEX TID is available before downloading EMV-Sha 2, but keep in mind your business is subject to undisputable charge-backs from your customers.


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