About Us

Compass Fleet and Merchant Services is the acquisition team for WEX formerly Wright Express- the largest fleet card issuer in the US.

Our main objective is to facilitate automotive maintenance, repair and fuel merchants with the ability to accept WEX as a form of payment to keep over 4 million government and commercial fleets on the road!

We offer association discount rates to all automotive business that accept WEX. Lowering credit card rates and directing fleets to your site makes accepting WEX a win-win for any small business.

Currently there are over 50,000 vendors that accept WEX either through Compass or one of our banking partners.

We have been endorsed by the; International- Western- Southeastern- Southwestern-Midwest – New England Carwash associations and Novus Glass as their premier Merchant Service Provider.

Why should your business accept WEX through Compass Fleet?

1) We are the experts in Fleet card processing. We are contracted by WEX and have operated as the acquisition team for WEX since 1998. We work with Government agencies, Commercial Fleets, WEX sales team and Vendors.

2) When you accept WEX your name is listed on the “WEX Accepting Locations” website. Used by over 4 million fleet drivers to find vendors for all maintenance-repair-parts-equipment- tires and fuel.

3) We lower your credit card fees when you accept WEX making taking WEX as a form of payment a win-win for your business success!

4) We publish our rates. You don’t have to call us for a quote. No razzle dazzle. (See pricing).

5) We offer Wholesale equipment pricing. Our listed pricing is our actual cost.

6) We offer and support sophisticated POS systems that track inventory, employees etc… or simple Bluetooth EMV readers to accept major credit cards on your smart phone.

7) Working with a host of banks and processors- there’s simply nothing we can’t do when it comes to payment processing all under one umbrella.

8) Last, but not least- What separates us from the pack is what our customers aren’t saying. Since our inception in 1997 we’ve had 2 written disputed complaints with the BBB and zero on social media. In our industry we are considered a phenomenon- our record speaks for itself.