About Us

Compass Fleet & Merchant Services (CFMS) was established in 1997 when Wright Express (WEX) expanded their fuel card to include maintenance and repair.

The General Service Administration (GSA) was using WEX at the pump, allowing service stations to get paid in a timely manner, but it was taking months and a mountain of paperwork to pay their maintenance and repair vendors.

It was costing the government a small fortune to process invoices, resulting in many vendors choosing not to do business with the GSA.

The solution was to expand the WEX fuel card to include maintenance and repair.

Universal Savings Bank out of Milwaukee Wisconsin was commissioned by WEX to provide electronic processing on the automotive service side.

Adrienne Andre had recently contracted with USB to start an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) in the credit card industry. Within a few months USB handed a list of two thousand automotive vendors that the GSA was requesting to accept WEX ASAP!

This was a huge gift to Adrienne’s new ISO and would’ve been even bigger if USB had the ability or desire to support WEX electronically.

USB was making a killing in the credit card industry and adding fleet cards was not going to be a priority.

In the meantime, Adrienne was doing what she was commissioned to do and meeting with GSA agents throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska.

For several months she convinced GSA-Automotive repair vendors to accept WEX electronically. It didn’t take a lot of convincing. Who doesn’t want repeatable government business with three day pay vs. three month pay?

After months of waiting for USB to provide electronic fleet card processing and promising merchants that USB would deliver, Adrienne and Mike Levitt, the acting consultant to WEX/USB, convinced Bank of America to electronically process and fund WEX transactions for maintenance and repair vendors. Hallelujah!

In return, we promised to promote BofA to regional and national carwash associations by offering group rates and exhibiting at regional car wash trade shows.

Since then we have become the experts in fleet card processing and from our inception have worked hand in glove with WEX as their contracted acquisition team.

For twenty years we have been dedicated to automotive maintenance and repair industries and the commercial and government fleets that drive today’s commerce.

We have been endorsed by the Western, Southeastern, Southwest, Northeast, Midwest, New England and International Carwash Associations as their premier merchant service provider-offering their members association discount rates on their credit and fleet card processing.

We process credit and fleet cards for the largest carwash operations in the country including: Wash Depot/Sparkling Image and Octopus Carwashes and have saved these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchant processing over the years as well as bringing them new business.

We offer group rates to all WEX accepting vendors and our attrition has been less than 5%.

We are proud of our record with only two disputed complaints with the BBB since our inception.

What has your merchant service provider done for you lately?